Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Indian Cricket: Way Ahead

If you are an Indian you are bound to have views about the Indian cricket team, here are mine -

Tendulkar to stop playing ODIs after 2011 World Cup
Am a staunch Tendulkar fan, but cant see how this wont work for him. With less travelling as a result, he can give rest to his body and focus on Test cricket

Pujara bats at No. 3 and Rahul at 6
Not because Rahul is not playing well but because there has to be a smooth transition or India is going to meet the same fate as Australia where the new guys look lost without the experience of seniors to fall back on.

Sreesanth to play only Test matches
His natural ball is the outswinger inviting the batsmen to drive. In ODIs which are often played on placid pitches the length required is just short of a good length most of the time meaning he has to adjust and bowl a much shorter length than his normal full length. Swing bowlers are rare and they need to be handled with care. Story of one Irfan Pathan. Sound familiar?

Play lesser ODIs and more test matches
BCCI has made enough money to design and send a space shuttle to Jupiter! It is test cricket that will harden your cricketers and find you your future stars. Sachin, Saurav, Rahul, Kumble, VVS, Zaheer, Sehwag - you name them, all of them established themselves in Test cricket first.

Rahul, Sachin, VVS - they must not retire in the same year
The transition has to be smooth. These three heavyweights when they retire they will leave a hole in any side. By having a phased exit, the youngsters can be groomed when one/two of the trio is still around.

Sehwag to bat in the middle order when one of the trio retires
Agreed Viru has been very successful at the top opening the innings, but I believe he would have scored more runs had he batted in the middle order when the shine of the ball has been removed.

Preparing sporty wickets for first class matches
Self explanatory

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sridhar said...

All of 'em are reasonable. You are absolutely correct that the Indian trio should not retire in the same year, the same mistake made by Australians and now they are struggling.