Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010: The year that was

Ten Memorable moments/events of 2010 (not in order)

  1. Spending new year's eve and the new year with family
  2. 3000+ kms ride from IMT Ghz to Vikramgarh and back(RMX)
  3. Sachin Tendukar's 50th Test ton
  4. Nadal winning at Roland Garros and Wimbledon
  5. Me hitting 25 runs in an over!
  6. A week long sojourn at Bangalore and another one at Hyderabad - two places I love
  7. Bro getting final offer from Bain & Co
  8. Saying no to Infi and IT
  9. The prospect of me having a career in automobiles
  10. Winning the Tennis leg of LoT
PS: Wishing everyone a very happy and successful 2011


Anshuman said...

Sachin ke 200!

Atmdeo said...

@ Metal
Yes that too!

sLaSh said...

i love point no 8 and 10...because i understand your emotions attached to them...

Atmdeo said...