Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Gajiabad Diaries-Part 1

11 AM, 1 Dec 2010

This is the conversation I had with the shopkeeper when I went to a sports shop to get my strings done

Me: Bhaiya, racquet gutting karna hai jaldi. Urgent hai. Tournament chal raha hai

Shopkeeper(smiling): Ho jaega ek ghante mein.

Me: Theek hai mai ek ghante mein aata hoon phir

Shopkeeper(smiles and asks): Chakravyuh chal raha hai kya.....

Me(taken by surprise): Woh hoga Feb mein.

I leave my racquet behind, give the specifications and come out of the shop chuckling.

12 PM: I call up shopkeeper and check if the stringing is done and true to his word its ready to be collected

PS: Ghajiabad is not that bad after all :)


navnish said...

Nice to see he know's that famous "Chakravyuh"

Atmdeo said...

@ Navnish
Yes!..hope this time will be even better than last year's :)

Anurag said...


@Navnish did someone go and ask him for sponsorship last time?? :P

Anshuman said...